Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here is the scrapbooking layout for the month of May. A nice manly layout for the man r men in your life!

Here are some samples using the birthday scrapbooking kit. You can make a lot of these 4x4 cards out of one kit. Shall I challenge you to see how many cards you can get?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This weekend was very busy! Saturday I had a stamp camp then we went to a rollerskating party. Michael and I tried to teach Katelin and Connor to rollerskate, they did well. Katelin only fell twice, but one of those times I was right there with no place to go so I fell almost on her. I laughed but was in pain. Michael also fell once and skinned up his knee and hurt his shoulder again! Connor fell lots of times, but he still wanted to go back today and do it again.

So out of all that, I think we faired well and had fun with hours of rollerblading, however

my wrist still hurts!!!! is that why they say to just drop and not to try and catch yourself?

Hopefully us big kids will be feeling better soon!

Wish us luck!

Here are some of the cards we will be making at the overnight camp in May, we will have a blast, so RSVP soon for your spot!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Having fun with easter.

We did an egg and candy hunt with th kids, thy loved it, we had Jacob in the living room, Katelin in the dining room and Connor in the kitchen, can you find some of their items for them in the pics?
This week is full of fun stamping with my friends at the camps I have all week. I am so enjoying all the company and fun we are having and I am so glad I was ready on time to start this week. Thank goodness I had half a day sunday to work on finishing.
Can't wait to see those of you that will be coming the rest of this week!
Also be careful of those high winds and rain, what weather we have had!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


come join us for our 2nd overnighter on May 8th and 9th! We will have lots of fun and games, stamping and food, and of course we know how to throw a party!

Can't come for the entire weekend, ask us about pricing for just Friday night or Saturday. We would love to have you!

The cost of this overnighter is $85 if spending the night, and prices are resonable for what you can enjoy, so ask us for more information!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boy it has been a long time since I posted huh? sorry about that, life has been taking me away. I don't need anymore school vacations, cause then I become the social director of where katelin wants to go and have it all organized, yikes, and this week is very hard to organize but it is done. The only thing left to do on her schedule is to get to her Grandmothers tomorrow night. Then i have my weekend to work on this camp for next week. Oh and we need to work on the addition too, hopefully we can finish putting all the inside walls up!

Anyway, this is the technique for this month, I love how the card came out and the colors I used for it, you really do need some nice designer papers for this technique and colors that stand out from each other. I know many peeps that can't wait to try this, that is what makes it fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009

this is the project for this month (April). You can use it as a folder for vacations or anything you can imagine! I can't wait to use mine.
Isn't this a cute layout! I love the colors and all of it! we will be making these pages for this months camp. To join us simply e-mail me and we will work out the details. Not only can this be used for mother's Day but there are also many other themes you can come up with.

I went stamping in New Jersey over the weekend and unfortunely my friend had a small accident. Christine hit her head and needed 4 stitches. So while the hostess and friend were gone to hospital we decided to welcome them back that we would all make bandages for our heads too. She thought that was so funny when she arrived back!!!!!! Needless to say she had a huge headache, but we all had so much fun with our day! and get this the one that needed stiches didn't even have a bandage! So we jokingly took this picture and all looking like we had headaches, of course some of us can't act very well!
This was the entire gang that day except for the one that took the pic. I guess I should also mentioned we stamped in our pj's.

busy busy
I didn't realize the hard work in learning how to ride a bike???? Katelin still doesn't have the hang of it and decided she was done when she ran into my van. I guess she doesn't like to crash, I thought it was funny!