Wednesday, October 19, 2011

November Technique

This is the technique for November camps, the dates are November 3rd, 5th or 7th
This scallopped background was made with masking the reverse of the scallop die and sponge and stamp to create the background!

November camp cards

These are not the best pictures, but when you see the real life cards you will fall right in love! They do look so much better in person, sorry these pictures are not the best!
RSVP for camp dates of November 3rd, 5th or 7th

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

our house

Here is our house now, the siding is almost done. Now you have no excuse on why you miss our house even without the TYVEK on the addition. It does look very nice in person, I can't wait for you all to see it!
We had just finished the siding on Tuesday, took the lift back wednesday and Wednesday night was when the flood hit! At least the siding didn't get hurt in the flood and at least we were done and didn't have to worry about more work than we had to at that point! Of course the lift probably would have been better staying at our house cause were we took it back to in Owego got flooded, we could have saved it!
The truck and trailer in the picture is our neighbors on the other side of the road from us, they got hit with the river water and wanted to try and save all their vehicles, and you know us, always helping who and what we can!
of course this picture of the house done was taken in the flood, you can see how we had a huge pond in our side yard.

like the construction site????

looks huge huh!!!!!

looks so nice!

Camp technique

Even though we did this technique not too long ago, I love how it looks with the stocking punch, so you can create 3 of these cards if you wish for this month's technique, or you can do the technique as usual with 2 cards and a technique page, just let me know which option your doing so I can prepare the right kit for you
This is for the October camp on the 1st or 3rd of October

October camp

I realize it has been a long time since I posted, a lot has happened since then. I will try and update later, right now I want to get you the photos for the October camp, so here they are:

Hope to see you at camp, the dates are October 1st and 3rd

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here is a lot of what we have been up to this summer already! It has been busy and at the same time we had to deal with a lot that we didn't want to do! In between me feeling so much like crap and being in so much pain, this is the fun we tried to have! As you know, life does not stop when you don't feel good!

We did make a trip to boston also a week after I had surgery, I will work on those pictures soon!

Sorry there are no stamping ideas for you, life has not allowed any of that fun yet, maybe soon I can show you some of what I have been doing and am in love with!

Enjoy the following posts!!!!

Dog's need a bath???

Last night Michael wanted to give Cocoa a bath as she stinks from her pool and then goes and rolls in the dirt, but of course as soon as you mention bath Bella hops right in!!!! So he let her stay and tried to wash them both at once! As I was sitting ont he couch, still recovering I heard a lot of "no, you need to stay in the bath, you're not done yet" it was so funny, each one wanted out at different times, I don't know how he get them done, but I loved that he had the patience to wash them both at once!

Our house was sparyed down well after their baths!!! Does anyone know what I mean by that? Of course first to get sprayed was me as they came to the living room to shake off! Thank you Bella and Cocoa!

House work!

House work never seems to end when your building, but I finally got the guys working!!!! Their first project of the summer is to put on the deck from our bedroom to the ground, just in case!!! I hope we never have to use it but it is required by our town!

You can't ever get away form our dog, we swear she is such a people person!!!! Here Dad is working on the stair stuff! So glad they got the deck framed and deck floor on in one day. Since then Michael is working (in his spare time) to do the railing, at this point as of today, we just need to attach the stairs and it will be done!!!! YAY, now onto the siding!!!! But we have some work to do before that really starts!

Even Jacob got in on the action when they were down, Jacob is wanting to work more, so I think he had fun learning?

Sugarland concert!

By the time we finally got to where we had to be Katelin was tired out and I was sore, so here we are just hanging out catching our breath. We were in the pit, which means if we pushed and shoved we could have been right at the stage, but of course we hung out at the back of those crazy people!

Here is those crazy people pushing and shoving to get right at stage!!! Katelin loved all the songs and knew more than she thought she would! We went to the middle of the stage to get to see the big screen in all it's glory, Katelin thought that was really cool!

See, she did love it, and even has on her new Sugarland shirt on! She is in the middle of the stage area just singing away, she wouldn't dance with me or another friend we met that night! So we danced just to get the dirty looks from Katelin, she didn't really do that, but she did have fun singing along!

That was a long night, and we had to walk up this long long hill at the end, but we made it, then we left early to get a start in the traffic, at least that is what Katelin wanted to do, sometimes it amazes me on what she thinks and wants to do! I think we only missed 2 last songs?

Flag Day ceremony

Katelin performed in the Flag Day ceremony at school! Of course right when her performance was to start it started to rain, so they went to the cafeteria to play and they did an awesome job!

All the kids did a great job! Can you find Katelin in this photo???

Monday, June 27, 2011

updating the blog

Hi All,
it has been a long time since I have updated my blog and I am sorry. Life has just been to crazy and busy as I was having a lot of medical issues and come to find out they were all related to a fibriod and one of the worst kinds! Go figure! So I had my hysterectomy earlier than I first wanted to so that I could be relieved of all the pain I was having. So now after surgery I am feeling better but will still take a while on some of the issues as it is related to low blood count and will take a while to ge tthat back up. Luckily I was not low enough to need a transfusion, I am just on more meds to try and raise it faster. The side pain I had so bad seems to be dissappearing already which is good because that was so hard to deal with everyday! Mostly it is the surgery pain I am dealing with now and the swelling, but as the swelling is going down I am feeling more of the surgery pain. So I rest as much as I can since I have nothing pressing to do and I also do get up and walk around or find something to putt around with, but mostly do nothing. As many of you know that is hard for me not to be multitasking so it is a good thing the pain meds are keeping me so tired that I really don't feel like doing anything other than napping. So since I have nothing to do, I will be uploading all the pictures I have taken lately and you can be updated on what else has been going on since life just didn't stop for me when I was hurting! So maybe see you in a day or 2 with some updates. Till then, enjoy your summer weather we are having!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As you may know, June is a big month for Stampin up and a huge retirement sale!

Here are the links for this retirement sales starting today!!!!

last chance stamp sets

last chance accessories

last chance decorative decor

go to the side bar for on line ordering here at my blog and you can submit your orders on line, it will just ask you for your demonstrators name, which is happily me!

If there is something you wish to get then please order it as quickly as you can because some of it will be gone quickly!

Hope you're all having a great week now that we all have power! which is nice seeing as how hot it is!

Monday, April 25, 2011

May stamp camp cards

These are the cards for May, trust me you will love them in person!!!! The birthday one here is using the flower brads and rhinestones and looks so much better in person! All cards will be awesome, I promise. We made them all in NJ, so you can have the experience also! Hope to see you there?

projects and technique for May

Here is the project for May, you get to make 2, 1 of each design, then you have 1 for you and 1 to share, hope you can make it, the girls in NJ loved them so I know you will also! Make great picture frames or can add magnet to the back and put the frames on your fridge!
Technique is the inlaid embossing technique, so easy but great looking at the same time, hope you can make it for this technique also!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you enjoyed the holiday! We drew on the driveway a few days before, and unfortunately it rained, but the Easter bunny found us anyway!
So since I wrote the above note, Katelin wrote this note, does she try to suck up or what????

The Easter bunny had a hard job hiding all the eggs around the house, can you help her find them in these pics??? Oh and notice, the NEW furniture too! We just love it but have found out that it attracts the dog hair, but I won't take it back, we can live with vacuuming everyday right?

here is katelins collention so far, but I bet she had many more to look for as she had to find 50 of them!

so cute right? this is what I get when she just wakes up and yes, I had to wake her up to see if she wanted to see what the Easter bunny brought, she enjoyed everything and even got concert tickets to see Sugarland in June. Then as we did as kids, we had to hide the eggs a few more times, then we watched movies and then went to the movies to see Rio. It was funny, and a great way to spend the day!

Our NJ trip!

Here is a few samples of our hard work we did that weekend! But a lot of fun was had too, read the next few posts!!!
This first sample we will be making in the May stamp camp that is May 12th, the 15th, ( sunday) and the 16th

Katelin did enjoy herself in NJ, don't let her tell you anything different!~
Just so you can see, we did really stamp as well as all the other fun we had!

Katelin even did a lot of stamping, she made quite a few friends out of the ladies there, I think they missed their own kids?

We all got massages cause we were doing so much work, yeah, right!

the Gatsby!!!

We went to the Gatsby salon as featured on Style network, we had fun, here is our before pic
Here is the after pic! So much fun, see the next few posts

I got may hair done, then make up with this great gal, we loved her and was so fun to joke with!!! of course if you know Jean and I together, you can guarantee we would have fun and joke around with whoever is around!