Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not sure if you can see this well, but this is the technique for the month of June. it is inking texture plates and it is so fun and addicting to do. Once you start you will want to try all different colors on all kinds of papers. make sure you sign up for sure to make this technique in June
Aren't these pages so patriotic??? They are probably the simpliest but fun scrapbook pages we have done to date. So easy to put together it should only take like 15 minutes tops to put together and you can set your stars anywhere you want, which is the fun part. don't forget to sign up for these pages in June

this is this month's project for June. I think it is cute and great to give as a gift. A box of brownies or cake can fit inside and the test tubes can hold the sprinkles. Great for a cake party for girlfriends.
Camping for Memorial Day...
we had fun but also a lot of downs. Katelin scraped up both knees the first night, then she was so scared of the thunderstorms the next night. The boys had fun, but Jacob didn't really like the hunting for the survey point dad wanted to find. But then he also thought the water at the lake was freezing too, Katelin had fun playing in the sand and Connor didn't want any part of it as he was tired from the hiking with dad. All in all we all came back ok and exhausted, so something worked right!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

House Update....
Dad and Michael have been working on the wiring of the addition and are coming along so nicely, we are at least 3/4 of the way done. I just wish I could help them but my broken wrist will not allow it and I don't think they would let me work either, Michael yelled at me all morning this am to put my splint on, so I bet I will not be working on the house till I get the all clear from my doctor. Dang it...
Dad said I get to do the shopping, that will be my job. So Michael and I have been doing that the last few nights, but now it is boring, I need something else. Good thing I can kinda do my stamping and still have some fun!

These are the four punch art animal cards we will be doing in June, just love these little animals
but we will be using googly eyes instead, they are so much cuter!

This is the stenciling technique we did for this month, just love it and to see it in person and so sparkly is just another reason to love this technique.

LOVE this card! and so does everyone else, am I right or what?

This is the project we are doing this month. I thought it would be cool for a fathers day gift for dad, but I am not sure i would want to put tools in it, besides he has enough!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This is our fun we had over this past weekend! Boy what fun, and the stories that were told about Tom Seleck and dick the cat! We truly did have a lot of fun and little sleep. We also made quite a mess as usual and had a lot of fun with bingo that everyone wanted to win! But there was one problem, and that was with the meany in the periwinkle sweater.
We had a nice small group which supplied too much fun! Thanks for all the laughs ladies and also for helping us substitute for what we forgot and for helping the injured!
Looking forward to another fun time like this in the fall!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

So here we are!!!! Isn't it a lovely cast???? Bella and Cocoa aren't too happy about it since we have not walked all week because of all the commotion.
Of course while takign the pic Bella is licking it, or is it kissing it to make it feel better? I tried to tell everyone at work that Michael's head is a lot harder than it looks and I should not hit him up side the head anymore, but to use the frying pan!