Monday, November 30, 2009

Due to medical testing I have to have done next week, I have to set a new date for the calendars, so the first date will be Dec 12th as planned, but the new date will have to be Dec 14th, a monday, sorry to have to reschedule but I may need a rest after all the testing to be done. Hope everyone understands!

clear stamps are coming, let me repeat, clear stamps are coming!

The new mini catalog that will be coming out Jan 5th will offer new stamp sets in clear mount or the same wood mount.

The new clear sets will come without blocks, you will need to purchase them separately in many shapes and sizes and the part of the stamp that will mount to your block can also have a sticker so you know exactly where the stamp will go.

I will have a set to use at the Jan camp, so you can try it before you buy them, but they will be one of the hugest hits out of the new mini and SAB catalog. (Sale-a-bration)

We will also have new punches and even in a new style that can be locked for easier storage. Many of you will get your new mini and SAB catalog around the holidays so you can get prepared to book your show and get ready for SAB. That is where you and your frineds can order $50 in merchandise and get a free set or now punch out of the SAB catalog.

Also new this year will be many of the sets from the big catalog that you can get for your free SAB set. Most of the sets from the big catalog are the $15.95 sets and under, so you have a lot to choose from this year!

Can't wait to hear from you to book your show till March, yes that is right, SAB will be from Jan 5 till the end of March. So make sure you take full advantage of the SAB period!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

more variations of the singing raindeer card, gotta love them!

my camps and workshops may be done till after christmas but here are some more great ideas for gifts that you can do.


ok, ok, I was told to update my blog!

so here is the update:
getting tested for some sort of heart condition this next few weeks. My heart goes haywire and causes lots of crap and in short makes me very exhausted after everything settles down. I am working on the calendars for Dec, don't worry and I will still have camps and workshops, I cant' give it up, I may however have to cut down the amount of days for camp from 3 to 2, to help me get more rest and relax more. So now i will try and post some nice card ideas, to take our minds off the medical stuff. Oh and on another note since I am spreading bad news, my sis's father in law is in the hospital and not doing well at all, so my thoughts and prayers of full with that whole family.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

this is the cards for November stamp camp on Nov 16, 19 or 22. If you would like the email for more info send me a comment from this post and I will email it right to you. We are doing a technique this month however I couldn't get a good pic of it, but you will want to be sure to sign up for it! Also the scrapbook pages are so fun to create, so don't forget to sign up for that too

Katelin Having fun with her Halloween party at school

oh the fun we had painting the new addition. Jean and Christine helped while Dad and Michael worked on the bathroom flooring and then the bedroom floorings, they were pretty sick of us girls by the end of the day but we all thought we had fun!
Yes those are my hand prints on their boobs done in paint of course, we did have a little paint war!