Monday, April 25, 2011

May stamp camp cards

These are the cards for May, trust me you will love them in person!!!! The birthday one here is using the flower brads and rhinestones and looks so much better in person! All cards will be awesome, I promise. We made them all in NJ, so you can have the experience also! Hope to see you there?

projects and technique for May

Here is the project for May, you get to make 2, 1 of each design, then you have 1 for you and 1 to share, hope you can make it, the girls in NJ loved them so I know you will also! Make great picture frames or can add magnet to the back and put the frames on your fridge!
Technique is the inlaid embossing technique, so easy but great looking at the same time, hope you can make it for this technique also!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you enjoyed the holiday! We drew on the driveway a few days before, and unfortunately it rained, but the Easter bunny found us anyway!
So since I wrote the above note, Katelin wrote this note, does she try to suck up or what????

The Easter bunny had a hard job hiding all the eggs around the house, can you help her find them in these pics??? Oh and notice, the NEW furniture too! We just love it but have found out that it attracts the dog hair, but I won't take it back, we can live with vacuuming everyday right?

here is katelins collention so far, but I bet she had many more to look for as she had to find 50 of them!

so cute right? this is what I get when she just wakes up and yes, I had to wake her up to see if she wanted to see what the Easter bunny brought, she enjoyed everything and even got concert tickets to see Sugarland in June. Then as we did as kids, we had to hide the eggs a few more times, then we watched movies and then went to the movies to see Rio. It was funny, and a great way to spend the day!

Our NJ trip!

Here is a few samples of our hard work we did that weekend! But a lot of fun was had too, read the next few posts!!!
This first sample we will be making in the May stamp camp that is May 12th, the 15th, ( sunday) and the 16th

Katelin did enjoy herself in NJ, don't let her tell you anything different!~
Just so you can see, we did really stamp as well as all the other fun we had!

Katelin even did a lot of stamping, she made quite a few friends out of the ladies there, I think they missed their own kids?

We all got massages cause we were doing so much work, yeah, right!

the Gatsby!!!

We went to the Gatsby salon as featured on Style network, we had fun, here is our before pic
Here is the after pic! So much fun, see the next few posts

I got may hair done, then make up with this great gal, we loved her and was so fun to joke with!!! of course if you know Jean and I together, you can guarantee we would have fun and joke around with whoever is around!

While at the Gatsby Katelin got make up done first! Here she is getting started
then onto hair, here is a glimse of what she will look like as a teen, I have to watch the boys I guess, she will be killing them!

here is afterwards, with my hair and make up done, so hot huh!!! sorry I don't do this for stamp camps

Here is Katelin completed, too bad her hair didn't stay curly for longer, pretty much by the time we got back to the hotel is was out, bummer I know

Isn't the back so cute!!!!!

Cake Boss

Went to the cake Boss, but there was such a line that we didn't wait the 2 1/2 hours to buy something, so instead Katelin and I went in and took pics and saw the inside. Then we went next door to eat and head home! The last of our NJ vacation!