Sunday, August 16, 2009

some really cool convention friends, can't wait to see them again!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

here are some of the awesome things I saw

Demonstrator of the year!

Hi All, this is the girl I go see in NJ when I go stamping, she won Demo of the Year, isn't that great! and I know her, so we had our pic taken with the co founder Shelli Gardner. What an awesome night we had!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I will post some of the cool things I saw later, right now it is bed time, I know how much you hate that it is bedtime, but trust me, you want me to have that right now!
maybe more pics tomorrow night!


Just to let you all know, I roomed with Kristina, and got to sleep with her, all of those close enough to me know I loved it, wink wink... LOL, her and I giggled a lot after getting into bed and kept getting yelled at jokingly by our other roommate Jen, which you will see them both in the pics. The last ngiht together we ordered in a pizza and had a little party, but as it was my birthday that day I had them waiting on me hand and foot, it was quite nice! We had some awesome wine there too, umm lets see just about every night we tried some flavor... one night we had champaine

more pics

1 is me and friends waiting in line for the first day to shop at the stampin up mall of goodies
2 is a game show they did, like family fued, but called demo duel, it was so funny
3 Emma and Kristina, look at all those people we were with!
4 Kristina with our co founder, Shelli Gardner and her hubby Sterling, this was right after the enterainment we watched right beside them, talk about rubbing elbows
then last is Me Emma and Kristina, we met emma at cnvention and hung out with her from the second day, she is such a hoot

here are some pics... have fun viewing, the memories I have from them are all fun!
1 is Tonc So Fu we saw, love them
2, 3 and 4 are Kristina and I having fun
5 is Krisitna, Jen and I
6 is us again at convention center

Wine Tour

Hi All,

I forgot to mention all the fun we have had lately.

First we celebrated Katelin's birthday with a roller skating party, no one got hurt, thank God

the we went to NYC, we had so much fun there, but so much walking too.

Then Michael and I went on a wine tour with friends and almost peed our pants,

then was convention.

Now I need another vacation just to sit and relax with the wine, friends and beach!

Is that doable

Convention sleepiness

Finally I am home and thinking straight. I have so many ideas in my mind it isn't even funny. I have started to stamp and have much to get ready for our Harford Fair booth, but I promise new pics coming soon!