Monday, March 28, 2011

New items

Not sure what is wrong with the pic, but it doesn't look so good, I apologize, I will work on finding another pic to use. But these are 2 new items that will be in the new catalog in July. These items are available April 1st and we will use them at the camp in April so you can see it closer also! With just a $20 order you can then order the set and the paper. The set is $15.95 in clear, $20.95 in wood, and the DSP is $9.95
go here to see a better image of this promotion

Sunday, March 27, 2011

April Technique

can't really see the technique here but it is a new version of the mother of pearl technique. We will be doing this for April

April camp cards

the new cards for this month's camp, April. This camp is early this month so we can do some great Easter cards! The punch bunny I can offer for you to do extra cards of cause it is easy for me to prep for, so if you want to make more of this card then just let me know when you respond for the camp.

Katelin decided that today 3/27/11 that the dogs really needed a bath! And of course I woke up with a terrible head cold, so I only want to lay around and drain my head, but I had to help brush cocoa, which we have enough hair now for another large dog!!!! then she got them in the tub! She washed them both, but I had to help Bella get into the tub, she wasn't sure she needed a bath, but then she did hop in by herself, so Katelin asked if I wanted to take pics! well of course I do, so here you go to enjoy also! Katelin does love to love her doggies and love to take care of them! She is a very big helper!!! I guess I will still continue to keep her!

some workshop cards we have done lately!

Katelin and I went roller blading with girl scouts, it was so cool that they only opened Skate estate for them, so they all had a ball!!!! And we both came home with no broken bones and neither of us even fell!!!

Storm in March

Here is a look at the 20 inches of snow we got in March!!!! so was not expecting so much when we woke up that am, Michael was sore for days after shoveling all day!

Big snow storm

Looks like I am a little behind in my blog.... here are more pics

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project for March

Here is the tissue holder we will be making in March, I am always in need of tissues and I love looking at this holder everytime I go to get one! I can't wait to make another one and take it into work so I can have a smile all day!

Here are the 4 cards we will be making for March stamp camp, of course I love them all!

My hubby does love me, here is his Valentine's Day card he made me!