Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boy it has been a long time since I posted huh? sorry about that, life has been taking me away. I don't need anymore school vacations, cause then I become the social director of where katelin wants to go and have it all organized, yikes, and this week is very hard to organize but it is done. The only thing left to do on her schedule is to get to her Grandmothers tomorrow night. Then i have my weekend to work on this camp for next week. Oh and we need to work on the addition too, hopefully we can finish putting all the inside walls up!

Anyway, this is the technique for this month, I love how the card came out and the colors I used for it, you really do need some nice designer papers for this technique and colors that stand out from each other. I know many peeps that can't wait to try this, that is what makes it fun!

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