Monday, April 6, 2009

I went stamping in New Jersey over the weekend and unfortunely my friend had a small accident. Christine hit her head and needed 4 stitches. So while the hostess and friend were gone to hospital we decided to welcome them back that we would all make bandages for our heads too. She thought that was so funny when she arrived back!!!!!! Needless to say she had a huge headache, but we all had so much fun with our day! and get this the one that needed stiches didn't even have a bandage! So we jokingly took this picture and all looking like we had headaches, of course some of us can't act very well!
This was the entire gang that day except for the one that took the pic. I guess I should also mentioned we stamped in our pj's.


Mrs. H said...

Were you all laughing that hard that she hit her head?? It looks like you ALL had a blast! I miss having that much fun with you and Tina!

{KKC} said...

Wow what a Montley looking crew we are. Dispite the unscheduled trip to the hospital, still had a great day. Always good to see you!!