Sunday, September 12, 2010

Katelin the builder

since we had to build the wall for Katelin's room, we thought it only fitting that she helped and what a helper she was too! We may be able to send her to your house to help you for a fee???? LOL. She was a trooper and even vacuumed when we were done. We did put up the sheetrock also the same day. The next day I took our door off our room and put it on her wall and then I put our new door on our room. So I hope that is done for now. We still have more sheetrock to do in the house so of course her wall is not spackled yet. But she does have her privacy now and she is loving it! I bet Michael is too cause we always had him shut off his light in his office so she could go to bed so now he can work longer in the night.

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