Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all! Katelin thought she didn't believe in santa, but she did put out cookies and milk and wrote santa a note to thank him for the gifts. Oh and put out carrots for the raindeer. She was so excited to come see what Santa did leave her. We did have to wake her up at 8 am however, must have been tired! She loved seeing her new snowboard since he didn't wrap that and then had fun opening and opening gifts! She loves it all, even the clothes and pjs! She did ask santa for those in her note too. She mostly loves her new ipod touch (she had one but damaged it) and of course the snowboard.
I hope you all can enjoy a great Christmas and holiday season. I have heard from some friends and have heard some sad news and some great news, the best is one of my friends being engaged!
I had a hard time getting ready for Christmas as I miss my mom but today is the best seeing Katelin so happy and all of her excitement just in waiting for today!
Merry Christmas!

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