Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas cut out cookies

A tradition in our house is making cookies for Christmas, Katlein always request we make the same as last year. Well mom doesn't have a brain anymore so she creates what she wants and what everyone loves. So cut out cookies is Katelin's favorite, but we did find out this year that most all the cookies we made were Katelin's favorites!
Love the way she posed for all these pics!
Yes, she really is having fun, she even told her friend she couldn't go play cause she was making cookies, way to give me a huge mental hug huh!

We did make 2 or 3 batches of these to get us through the holidays! Way too many other kinds of cookies to try and remember, I did lots of baking this year. I did try a lot of them for the first time and for the most part they all came out great, I think the only bummer was the poppy sead kalochkis but the nuts ones were oh so yummy!

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