Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just wanted to share a quick update of what's been up lately.
You may not believe it but it has not been quiet here! but what else is new
A couple weeks ago I was getting sick to my stomach and some of the worse pain in my life, then over a week ago I was very sick everytime after I ate, so I went to the dr, she sent me for blood work but all my friends were saying it sounded like gall bladder issues, so I waited on the bloodwork because I knew they would do it later when I was in pain again, so friday the 14th I woke up in extreme pain at 3 in the am and Michael and I decided at 4 am to call an ambulance since I didn't think I could drive myself to the hospital and we didn't want to wake Katelin up for Michael to drive me in. Well I was there till 6:30 at night that day and had many many tests, pokes and prods and was told I had gall bladder that needed to be removed, an ovarian cyst and fibriods. So they sent me home with pain meds and nausea meds and if it got worse over the weekend then to go right back to ER and they would take out the gall bladder or if I could wait till Monday morning they would schedule the surgery for later that week.
Well as my luck has it Sunday my friend was visiting Katelin and I and Michael was with the boys in syracuse and finally I asked my girlfriend if she would drive me to the hospital I was in so much pain! We left here about 2:30 and luckily my girlfriend Tina was on her way to visit me also so she kept Katelin for me. We called Michael on our way to let him know what was going on also. Once at the ER again, they took me right in and got the pain under control, which took hours! because they were having a hard time with my nice small viens to get an IV in and draw blood also. So the surgeon was called and he was not on duty so they said they would admit me and do surgery monday, but his partner came and said he could do the surgery as soon as I wanted. Of course I was done with the pain so I said yes please can we get this done! Little did I know what I was getting into!!!!!
So not only was I being asked questions for the admitting process they were also prepping me for surgery. Luckily right before the surgeon came in Michael got there, so he was there for all the talking and explaining. They wheeled me back for surgery by like 8:30 and I know I woke up and was just wheeled back to my room at 11 pm. I was in such severe pain I guess Michael was laughing at me, not really but I am sure he wanted to. Just kidding, he was very caring and concerned. Well when I came to my shoulder hurt like hell and they said it was the gas stuck so Michael moved my shoulder around for me for like an hour and the pain from the surgery was just too much. I know I was yelling in pain, Michael said it was more like a whisper all the way back to the room. It was so hard at first but the nurses were just great! I met with the dr and asked him if he took it out with his bare hands as that is what it felt like, but he said no. So I came home at 4 that afternoon and spent the next 3 days on the couch. After the second day I developed quite a cough and coughed so hard for 5 hours that night instead of sleeping. From that I was even in more pain! So now I am on pain med and mucinex and it is keeping the coughing at bay, good thing!!!!
I did get to try and do the stairs to get to my bed so I have been sleeping in my bed again the last 2 nights. KAtelin gave me that goal every day to try and go up and down stairs. She has been such a helper through this you wouldn't believe all she is doing to make sure I can just lay around and be comfortable. I told her when I get better I will take her for a day of shopping and spoil her, she is just that good! Michael is helping an awful lot too, I feel like such a burden at times! And the poor man had to deal with the crying last night as I was upset it is taking so long to feel even half way better. So today he chilled with me on the couch which was so nice! I am so truly blessed with my family and also with my friends! I am keeping up to date status's on facebook if you want to find me there, Cathy Betkavsky Maltby.
I am slowly each day getting better but progress is slower than I thought it would be! The dr has me out of work for all this next week also, he must know I love to lay around! not!
I had it laproscopicly and have the 4 holes glued shut.
Just wanted to let you know why you have not herard from me, and as this is the longest now that I have sat here at the computer I need to go and lay down again.
I will talk to you all soon
Hope all is well with you and your family's!

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