Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas card from my hubby!!!!!!

I just love my hubby and how much he wants to do for me! He created this all by himself, of course it took him about 2 hours, but it is all his own work! I am thinking he didn't clean the stamps though afterward, but I can deal with that! The brad in the middle was a clasp as he has inside coupons for me! He had inside a coupon for the ice cream cake I wanted that he forgot.... don't ask, but I didn't kill him for not having it her Christmas morning. He did go out the next day for it and guess what???? got all the other groceries but the cake, so funny so then he had to go back out again and I finally got my cake! (maybe had something to do with blocking my gall bladder? I didn't tell the dr that part!)
There was also another coupon that he would pay $100 towards my new Iphone, so I got my new Iphone New Years Eve night, and I love it!!!!! Got the Iphone 4 on sale with an upgrade! Now everyone at work is jealous!
He also put in the inside a nice long note of how much he loves me and blah, blah, blah....
Now I am sure you are jealous too that you didn't get coupons in a homemade card huh? Sorry ladies!

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