Monday, June 27, 2011

updating the blog

Hi All,
it has been a long time since I have updated my blog and I am sorry. Life has just been to crazy and busy as I was having a lot of medical issues and come to find out they were all related to a fibriod and one of the worst kinds! Go figure! So I had my hysterectomy earlier than I first wanted to so that I could be relieved of all the pain I was having. So now after surgery I am feeling better but will still take a while on some of the issues as it is related to low blood count and will take a while to ge tthat back up. Luckily I was not low enough to need a transfusion, I am just on more meds to try and raise it faster. The side pain I had so bad seems to be dissappearing already which is good because that was so hard to deal with everyday! Mostly it is the surgery pain I am dealing with now and the swelling, but as the swelling is going down I am feeling more of the surgery pain. So I rest as much as I can since I have nothing pressing to do and I also do get up and walk around or find something to putt around with, but mostly do nothing. As many of you know that is hard for me not to be multitasking so it is a good thing the pain meds are keeping me so tired that I really don't feel like doing anything other than napping. So since I have nothing to do, I will be uploading all the pictures I have taken lately and you can be updated on what else has been going on since life just didn't stop for me when I was hurting! So maybe see you in a day or 2 with some updates. Till then, enjoy your summer weather we are having!!!!

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