Wednesday, September 21, 2011

our house

Here is our house now, the siding is almost done. Now you have no excuse on why you miss our house even without the TYVEK on the addition. It does look very nice in person, I can't wait for you all to see it!
We had just finished the siding on Tuesday, took the lift back wednesday and Wednesday night was when the flood hit! At least the siding didn't get hurt in the flood and at least we were done and didn't have to worry about more work than we had to at that point! Of course the lift probably would have been better staying at our house cause were we took it back to in Owego got flooded, we could have saved it!
The truck and trailer in the picture is our neighbors on the other side of the road from us, they got hit with the river water and wanted to try and save all their vehicles, and you know us, always helping who and what we can!
of course this picture of the house done was taken in the flood, you can see how we had a huge pond in our side yard.

like the construction site????

looks huge huh!!!!!

looks so nice!

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