Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi All

I am finally getting out of bed and in fact will be going back to work tomorrow, bummer! I still am not fully well and it will take some more time on antibiotic than I thought, I thought at the ER they said the med was for 5 days, the bottle says 7 and has 7 inside. So I will have to deal with that a little longer and the side effects. As well I am having side effects from the other 2 meds I have started but I definitely feel better and love my heart feeling so well!

On another note my sisters father in law past away last night, he was sick and they knew it was coming and he wanted to go, so it is kinda a blessing but also still sad at the same time.

So because of this we are rearranging our schedule for this weekend yet again! But it's ok, I think I will have a lot of rest time in there!

While I have been in bed today I went and found a really cute card, so enjoy a nice card also in joy of me getting better

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