Monday, December 14, 2009

just a little update as it is hard for me to have my head off the pillow. Sunday am I let Michael sleep till 6 even though I was up and in pain at 1:30, I had him take me to hospital because I had a very painful and tight chest, the pain more feeling like a chemical burn if you know what feels like. I also had ringing in my ears so bad it was going to drive me out of my mind so I knew I could have ear infection on top of everything else, so we went in.
When the nurse came in and saw me doubld over in the bed on my side she said soemthing about her seeing sick people but not as this sick in a while, oh great I was thinking! I look that bad, well I must have with my face all teary eyed, nose running looking like I had no color.
They did the usual, ekg, chest xray and blood work. Then said on top of the heart issue was the bad sinus infection that I knew I was dealing with but it went to my chest and ears and was causing so much pain. They gave me 2 things of iv fluid to try and releive some of the pain and I also told them I had no idea what I could take with my heart the way it is, so they gave me vicodin there and monitored me and when they thought all was ok they sent us on our way with prescription for pain pills and very strong antibiotic.
I had to be wheeled out and the nurse told Michael everything for my discarge as she knew I was not comprihending anything and when we got home I almost crawled my way back to my bed.
And thats where I have been since, with naseau from meds and dissiness and headache from ears and just feeling mostly like poo. The one time I did get up last night and went downstairs I was vomitting and went right back to bed. Tonight it seems I can lift my head off the pillow for 15 mitues before wanting to puke so I hope I am getting better.
And on top of it all I think it is the heart meds causing the burning in chest as I didn't have it all day today till I took that med. So I will see what tomorrows does does?
All for now, have to get back to bed

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