Friday, December 11, 2009

I had my stress test today, it was not fun! man did it do my heart in, I am finally recooperated and home and trying to settle in but heart still races every now and then. I am hoping for a good nights sleep but as I have not slept well because of racing heart I am not sure how tonight will go but I am also willing to risk it and take Advil pm that doesn't do my heart good either, but I need to sleep! So it is one evil for another. I guess the price I must pay to try and sleep.
So after stress test today before even looking at results the dr said I would be on a beta blocker to try and slow heart and then I call him if things get worse, if not then after Christmas we will see if it is still happening, if it is then surgery is next for ablation. So that is all I have for now, tomorrow is the calendar camp that is still not ready, but good enough to get them going and they can all help me with their stuff. I also have a good friend coming over early in am to help me finish up. Thank goodness for friends. I wish I could say thank goodness for sleep, I so want and need some! Oh and today (the coldest day yet) we were out in the cold for work! Boy did that suck, so I am really tired from fresh air as well. And I also have to mention that with my lack of sleep and all that is going on I now have a sinus infection I am dealing with, so I really should just stay in bed this whole weekend, but will I? No of course not!

So I am hoping all of you that are reading this is having a better week and I hope for a better week for me next week. I hope meds are the life saver!

Till next time, happy stamping

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