Saturday, December 12, 2009

so whats new?????
this is such a one way conversation isn't it?
Well my update for today is things are ok, I had a racing heart and beating out of my chest since yesterday afternoon and it lasted through afternoon today/ It sucks that it is lasting longer and longer, so after not getting much sleep AGAIN, since how can you when your heart feels like I just ran a mile? Anyway, this afternoon I had another attack that had me laying on the couch for a while but was ok after that, just tired out AGAIN. Michael was still here when it happened and he went right out and got a new med that the dr called in last night to slow my heart beat. So STILL being tired I laid in bed this afternoon but couldn't sleep. Now after all that I am not sure if my heart reset again after the attack today of the meds are working but I am not feeling my heart beat and it just feels normal, there is nothing to feel beating out of my chest or anything. I hoep the meds keep it that way, but a few days will tell. I am still exhausted and really need som sleep so tomorrow I plan on a me day to do whatever I feel like! So I may be in bed all day and Michael is aware of this. The dogs love being in bed so much, they are getting lots of sleep and love to keep me company, till they stink me out! And they tend to hog the bed! I need a bigger bed!
Ok, so that is all for today, I did have a good time seeing all my friends and catching up, but it was too much, which sucks, I should be able to be as usual.
Now going to bed, hoping for a full nights sleep and feeling better tomorrow, time will tell

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