Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally pics of NJ

Me and my friends, ok just 2 friends, but we saw many friends in NJ and had so much fun with them. You may know Tina, and next to her is our friend Kelly from Jersey and so much fun to hang with

Tina and I fought over our pics with Shelli the co-founder and CEO of Stampin Up! But we got through it just fine! Don't you love Shelli's pj's, a girl from Jersey made them for Shelli and Dawn and then made us all a rag bag, yes I said all 105 of us!

OMG, this photo was so funny to take, you had to be there to see me try to figure out how to sit and do this pose at the same time, I thought Tina was going to pee her pants watching me struggle

Ok, so we didn't stamp much, I know you all will be dissapointed to not see what we could have made, but we also had fun after the event with our new friends from further east NY, OMG we laughed so hard with these girls! And stayed up till almost 2, so was not expected!

So after being up that late we did all make it up the next am early morning to stamp again, or to start stamping for some of us.... and then before we all went our separate ways we went to this diner for breakfast, another good time had by all!

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Tina Sieben, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Best time EVAH! I had SO MUCH FUN with you, as always!