Tuesday, May 18, 2010

YUMMO! this was our chocolate bar made just for us stampers, we were treated like queens huh! and yes we got to be first in line for some reason?

we loved the chocolate fountain! Kelly our girlfriend in Jersey lost a strawberry down in there, of course we had thoughts of digging in to find it but we didn't

Here are some mre jersey girls, of course there is Kelly and then there is Lindy, another funny girl and then sue on the right! We all sat at the same table and did nothing but joke and had fun!

These are fountains at the short hills mall, we saw them from the second floor and thought they were cool and threw money in them till we saw the dign saying not to throw change form the second floor, good thing we didn't get kicked out! we laughed so hard after we threw them and then saw the sign.... leave it to us!

I made it into the hole in the center of the globe twice and Tina missed and hit it and it bounced, then we saw the sign of course!!!!

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