Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our trip to Whiteface Mountain

Finally got to our campsite and set up after a long 5 1/2 hour trip, we stayed right at the base of whiteface at wilmington notch state park, very small campground that stayed very quiet. The first night it rained after we got set up and getting ready for bed, so that was ok, but the last night it was so windy all night!!! We also had a 7 year old boy, Josh, come over and play ladder bal with the kids the ast night.

Katelin and I were just waiting for the boys to leave on their adventure to hike a mountain and then we went driving around to check out the sights and then to play miniture golf.

the boys hiking their mountain, didn't make it to the top but they gave it their best shot, then they were exhausted when they got back as they were gone for at least 8 hours with their dad

next day we went to the top of whiteface, as soon as we started to up the mountain Katelin said she was scared and didn't want to go, but we made it nad enjoyed it up there, of course it was windy, we were on the top! we did hike the trail to the very top but then on the way back down Katelin wanted to take the elevator and experience that so just Katelin and I did that and was in the center of the mountain. She then liked the water in the mountain so she let it drip on her hand and then said she was never going to wash her hands again cause she had mountain water on her hands. So funny. We then stopped close to the top of the mountain still and found a picnic table to sit and have lunch

After the mountain we went back to the beach of mirror lake and Katelin swam and we hung out for a little while

then went and the kids and dad played mini golf, Katelin just wanted to do that again. All had a great time and I think Dad won.
That pretty much ends our vacations, other than Katelin and I camped for a week at the Harford fair and worked the Stampin Up booth there everyday with Tina Sieben. Had so much fun and also with our great friend Kathy Guinan, so glad I got to spend the week with these great friends! Katelin got to have her friend also come down for a coupe days with us also and they had fun riding the rides and hanging out together. My Dad came down Friday with all Katelin's cousins and they went walking around and then all riding the rides and I got to have time with my Dad, that was great! Before Katelin left to go to her Dad's she wanted her face painted so we did that, I will need to get that pic from Tina so you all can see her puppy face, it was so cute!
I hope you all got to enjoy your summer as mucha s we all did!

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