Saturday, September 4, 2010

So I have been told I have not posted in a loooonnnnggg time, so I wanted to update that we are all alive and well, wel except for Katelin's fair fish, but what do you expect? We have had such a fun summer of vacations and camping that I will post the pics of our trips first, here first we have our trip to Old Forge for Katelin's bierthday, we stayed in 8th lake State Park

at the end of the trip they all wrote in the sand that they were there with their initials, it was so cute

isn't it funny that our house number is the same??? Katelin took this pic, isn't she so good!

Katelin took this pic too, I think this was our last night and the lake was a very short walk from our site so the kids loved hiking to the dock or to the shore

our security through old forge, just kidding, he is at the water safari where the kids had fun for a day but it was cold and windy so they wanted to hide in the water all the time. The wave pool and the lazy river were the top pics for our kids

here they are waiting for the water safari, but we had to finish cleaning from breakfast first
so glad to see happy smiles!

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