Friday, October 15, 2010

To say the least we have been very busy here at the Maltby household! We took out the wall in the living room and put a beam in its place, then we had to sheetrock which we are hoping all the sheetrock is now hung for the entire house project we have been working on for the past 2 years, now is my job of mudding and taping, yuck! But I would rather do it than pay someone else again after the luck we had! Not only have we been busy with the house but with back to school and all that brings it has been busy and to add Stampin to the mix, it is just so busy. But I did steal a night last weekend to go shopping on an overnight with 2 of my Bff's and we had a blast, it was so needed and so much fun! Also got the pumpkin farm out of the way last weekend after coming home sooooo tired, but we did it! Now we will look forward to Halloween where I need to find my papers from the open house night from school so I can see what I signed up to bring for their party. Did I say it never ends? This weekend is another weekend of working on the house and trying to get the stampin stuff cleaned up so we can make a mess again next weekend! Now if I can just find what Michael did with that calgon I asked for?????

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