Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dog's need a bath???

Last night Michael wanted to give Cocoa a bath as she stinks from her pool and then goes and rolls in the dirt, but of course as soon as you mention bath Bella hops right in!!!! So he let her stay and tried to wash them both at once! As I was sitting ont he couch, still recovering I heard a lot of "no, you need to stay in the bath, you're not done yet" it was so funny, each one wanted out at different times, I don't know how he get them done, but I loved that he had the patience to wash them both at once!

Our house was sparyed down well after their baths!!! Does anyone know what I mean by that? Of course first to get sprayed was me as they came to the living room to shake off! Thank you Bella and Cocoa!

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