Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House work!

House work never seems to end when your building, but I finally got the guys working!!!! Their first project of the summer is to put on the deck from our bedroom to the ground, just in case!!! I hope we never have to use it but it is required by our town!

You can't ever get away form our dog, we swear she is such a people person!!!! Here Dad is working on the stair stuff! So glad they got the deck framed and deck floor on in one day. Since then Michael is working (in his spare time) to do the railing, at this point as of today, we just need to attach the stairs and it will be done!!!! YAY, now onto the siding!!!! But we have some work to do before that really starts!

Even Jacob got in on the action when they were down, Jacob is wanting to work more, so I think he had fun learning?

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