Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sugarland concert!

By the time we finally got to where we had to be Katelin was tired out and I was sore, so here we are just hanging out catching our breath. We were in the pit, which means if we pushed and shoved we could have been right at the stage, but of course we hung out at the back of those crazy people!

Here is those crazy people pushing and shoving to get right at stage!!! Katelin loved all the songs and knew more than she thought she would! We went to the middle of the stage to get to see the big screen in all it's glory, Katelin thought that was really cool!

See, she did love it, and even has on her new Sugarland shirt on! She is in the middle of the stage area just singing away, she wouldn't dance with me or another friend we met that night! So we danced just to get the dirty looks from Katelin, she didn't really do that, but she did have fun singing along!

That was a long night, and we had to walk up this long long hill at the end, but we made it, then we left early to get a start in the traffic, at least that is what Katelin wanted to do, sometimes it amazes me on what she thinks and wants to do! I think we only missed 2 last songs?

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