Sunday, September 9, 2012

ALS walk for mom

August 12th my family and friends joined as a team to walk to find a cure for ALS which my mom died from
 Here are my 2 friends that helped us and walked, Sandi and Jean
 Here is our entire team for this year, each year it grows, of course Michael and Katelin were missing cause they were off on other vacations, and you think I vacationed too much this year?
 Here are the shirts we wore this year, we are talking about new shirts for next year, I wonder what they will look like as we all had different ideas for the designs...
 everyone was getting pumped for the walk, or just standing around waiting????  you decide
 My Dad even showed up, his first year walking with us and our family friend Bobby showed up to show her support so of course we needed a family photo
 Here is Dad with us kids, my brother Joe is left then me, then my sister Theresa and then dad Joe
 and yes, we did walk, we tried to figure out who could walk backwards and take the photo and my brother clumsly got a few shots...
 loved this photo of my brother and his daughter Anna, of course we were goofing around the whole time so this was when she finally got her cell phone back from him
Also love this photo of my sister's daughter Crissi, she is just so beautiful!!!  She did burn her finger, but not on the iced coffee she is holding...
After the walk we all as a team enjoyed a picnic lunch together at the park (Otsinango) and then went our merry way!  So I hope this encourages you to join us for next year, the walk is always in August

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