Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tenn trip

All I did was get Michael tickets for the night Bristol race in Tenn, and our trip went from there...

On our way to Tenn we pass right past my cousins house and since they just had a baby we needed to stop in and meet him and get my baby fix! 
Of course when we turned onto their road we were scared about the children of the corn....  with good reason, they even have signs for this in PA
 Then a trip to Tenn wouldn't be complete without seeing more family, so we drove to Memphis to meet Michael's sister Shannon and spent a dayw ith her.  Yes, only a day, well about 24 hours anyway, we didn't plan that well did we?   But we had fun with them while we were there
 we ate at the Neely's restuarant, you know the Neely's from food network???  They have super yummy food!
 Here is Michael's sister and boyfriend, Shannon and Andy, this is before we said good bye...

we visited the outside of Graceland, just to say we were there since we were so close! We had breakfast sitting at the Mississippi River, that was nice and quiet and relaxing

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