Sunday, September 9, 2012

More of our Tenn trip

We got back from Michael's sisters place back to Bristol Friday night and Sat we went to the Bristol race.  That was so much fun just watching the race festivities live and was so excited the paratrooper landed right in front of us!  Michael liked that our seats were only 12 rows from the track so the action was right there!
 After the race we drove a few hours to get closer to home and actually get to a hotel that had vacancies...  so since we stopped in Salem we got to have breakfast in the am with a dear friend of mine that I had known since he was born, and yes, I used to abuse him, I mean babysit him.  It was nice to meet his kids and have a nice conversation with him and his wife, I could have sat for hours with them but we had to drive back home that day.
So that was our trip, we saw a lot of family and friends and only had the race planned, so glad we had the chance to see so many!!!  Definitely one of the better trips from the past couple years

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